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My Swedish Treasure

Vulcan made
Jönköpings Westra Tändsticksfabrik (1881-1971)
It was an engineer with the name of C.F. Wennberg, who founded the factory at the beginning of 1881. Jönköpings Westra main brand "Tre Stjärnor" or the English version "Three Stars" conquered most markets due to its good quality.

Jönköpings Westra Tändsticksfabrik:  http://www.kuldsaar.se/jwt.html

Parrot - Regular size and small size matchboxes

The Cockfight and the Stag safety matchse are dated 1903

Södertelje Tändsticksfabrik (1871-1908)
The factory was founded in 1871 by Eric Holmberg.
The Södertelje labels are very beautiful and present in relatively large quantities. Flower and Boat motives dominate the label collection.
The most popular brands "The Red Rose" and "The Ship" are still used in labels.
In 1908 the factory in Södertelje closed

Swedish matchboxes made for other countries
The Palmtree - made in Sweden in the 1930’s - If you look carefully you see that the matchboxes are different
    The  SORIBA F.A.O. SAFETY MATCHES  dated 1949
1.  The Prima Tändstickor Safety Matches on the upper right side of the photo was made by
Jordbro Tändsticksfabrik (1924-1928)
The Jordbro match factory in Jönköping is the last privately founded match factory of Sweden. It was founded by a group in 1924. In the same year there was another factory founded : Figeholms Tändsticksfabrik (also called the Tandstick AG Scandinavia).
These factories were created by the same group, and the motives repeat themselves on certain labels, e.g. "the Swedish Weapon".
One of the former large retailers was the well-known Göteborg businessman Elof Hansson. The factory closed in 1928. Nevertheless it had a quite comprehensive sales. 

2.  The Sea-Dog Impregnated Safety Matches are dated 1903 to 1907

3. The SVEA GARANTI matchbox was made by
Linköpings Tändsticksfabrik , and it is dated 1856- 1917
Junebro Tändsticksfabrik (1910-1914)
The factory began 1891 with the production of splinters. In 1910 the production of matches started. In 1914 it was taken over by the Jönköping Vulcan factory.
A.B. Förenade Svenska Tändsticksfabriker (1913-1917)

A packet full of old WESTERVIKS boxes

Westerviks Tändsticksfabrik (1858-1903)
The first match factory based in Westervik was founded in 1858 by Captain Landström. Prospective buyers opened a new factory at this site in 1874.

The new factory stopped the production from 1878-1880. In 1893 a fire broke out and the production stopped for almost the entire year 1893. In 1898 it was bought by Fredik Löwenadler, a well-known name in the match industry. The factory was incorporated into the Jönköping Vulcan Match AG in 1903.
Uddevalla Tändstciksfabriker (1874-1934)
There were two match factories in Uddevalla. There are no available data, when the first one was built. It is common knowledge that it was founded by a man with the name Edward Olsson, and that it closed in 1879.
The other factory was founded in 1874 by the shipowner Adolf P. Zachau.
To most common labels were "The Swallow" and "The Ant".
The factory was shut down in 1938 (or 1934?).

The Swallow Sakerhets Tandstickor are dated 1903

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Hello Arnon, I have 7 sealed full Uddevalla The Ant matchboxes in mint condition. Would you know what a collector would pay for those? I can send pics of the matchboxes , you can answer me via email : primecopyright@yahoo.com

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