Sunday, July 24, 2011

2 Collectors' websites

Neil: "I like to collect unused matchbooks, matchboxes, old matchbox labels and most other match related items like....old match ads from old newspapers or books, playing cards that have matchboxes/matches on them plus I also like to collect any Redheads items or match products from Match Companies like Bryant & May, Swedish Match Company and from the USA.

I started collecting way back in 1969
and I now have over 600,000 match items in my collection.So if you have any for sale or you would like to give them away to a match collector like me and I will refund you the postage cost to here....just include your name and address details inside the box please....thanks."

All rights reserved to Neil Abbott -  http://match1970.webs.com/

Neil's Match Room

All rights reserved to http://matchboxlabels.webs.com/

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