Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Packet size Swedish labels

A beautiful old label of a Terrier dog made in Flanders (Old Belgium)

Flanders (link)

Flanders is one of the regions and communities of Belgium and also a historical geographical region located in parts of present-day Belgium, France and the Netherlands. The demonym for Flanders is Flemish, while someone from Flanders is a Fleming. Brussels is the capital of Flanders.

An update from 11.2.2014 - Steve from the UK sent me a mail that he has found a matchbox with this beautiful Terrier label  in an old house in the UK. He has sent me this photo of his matchbox:

Be in the fight - buy war certificates : a Federal WW2 label dated 40's (made in Australia)

Do you remember the video story of Pat Giroud from Australia at : http://www.abc.net.au/tv/collectors/segments/s3001992.htm , who was so desired to find the Endeavour Federal label which cost her $1,000 (on the 40 second of the video)? So, I found a label from the same manufacturer, that looks alike, and it cost me only 1 GBP.
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