Saturday, December 24, 2011

Strike it – Vintage Matchbox Graphic Inspiration - MY BLOG FIRST QUOTE !!!


"If you’re after more vintage matchbox inspiration to aid your next graphic project check out the massive archive of Arnon Reisman."

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Very old matchbox labels from UK - aren't they also beautiful !

Quis separabit 

Quis separabit

(Latin: Who will separate [us]?) is a motto of the Royal Dragoon Guards,[1] the Order of St. Patrick, The Royal Ulster Rifles, The London Irish Rifles, the Irish Guards[2] and the North Irish Horse. The phrase also appears on the Seal of South Carolina.

It was the motto of the 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards,[3] a cavalry regiment of the British Army from 1922 to 1992. It was the motto of the Connaught Rangers, a British Army regiment, from its amalgamation in 1881 until it was disbanded in 1922. Prior to this, it was the motto of the precursor regiment of the Rangers, the 88th Regiment of Foot (Connaught Rangers) which was founded in 1793. It was also the motto of the Royal Ulster Rifles and the Ulster Defence Regiment.

It was the motto of the former Government of Northern Ireland and appeared on the province's defunct coat of arms. It is also the motto of the Ulster Defence Association, a proscribed loyalist paramilitary in Northern Ireland.[4] The source is the Vulgate translation of Romans, 8:35: "Quis nos separabit a caritate Christi...", translated as "Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?".

Very old Japanese matchbox labels - aren't they beautiful pieces of art !


Lions, Tigers and Foo dogs

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lovely old wooden matchbox from Italy which was sent to me by the special man - Mr. Jerry Manley


Old wooden matchboxes from Finland and France

Finland - thanks to my Facebook's friend Peter,
who sent me this matchbox
Finland - thanks to Avraham from "Tapuz" Israeli forum
of collectors, who sent me this matchbox.
It is made in Finland but for the danish market The text on the box is in danish. The comtesse boxes where sold in the Co-op (Brugsen) stores in Denmark in the 1960s.

France - thanks to my Facebook's friend Peter,
who sent me this matchbox

Old wooden matchboxes from South America - Thanks to my Facebook's friend Peter, who sent me theses lovely matchboxes

Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador (all made in Sweden)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

New treasure from Sweden! Thanks to my Facebook's friend Peter, who sent me all theses old wooden matchboxes, and to Avraham from"Tapuz" Israeli forum of collectors who sent me the last matchbox

Södertelje Tändsticksfabrik (1871-1908)
The "RODA ROSEN" matchbox was made at Södertelje factory.
 The Södertelje labels are very beautiful and present in relatively large quantities.
 Flower and Boat motives dominate the label collection.
The most popular brands "The Red Rose" and "The Ship" are still used in labels.
In 1908 the factory in Södertelje closed

Jordbro Tändsticksfabrik (1924-1928)
The Jordbro match factory in Jönköping is the last privately
founded match factory of Sweden.  It was founded by a group in 1924.
The factory closed in 1928. Nevertheless it had a quite comprehensive sales.

AB Förenade Svenska Tändsticksfabriker (1913-1917)
The company AB Svenska Förenade Tändsticksfabriker  was founded in 1913 with Ivar Kreuger as the general manager. Later, by merging with the largest match company in Sweden, AB Jönköping-Vulcan, Svenska Tändsticks AB was founded in 1917.

Jönköpings Westra Tändsticksfabrik (1881-1971)
 The box on the top
Thanks to Avraham from "Tapuz" Israeli forum
of collectors, who sent me this lovely matchbox

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