Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Japanese Soldiers

The Japanese Warriors!!!

The Man and the Frog - A Japanese West Side Story

...and "Tobacco Match" labels of Animals

...and "Tobacco Match" labels of Japanese Women

...and "Tobacco Match" labels of Western Women themes

And now again the lovely Japanese "Tobacco Match" labels of Men themes

...and some vintage Israeli 1960's matchbox labels of "Hamizrach Matches Agency" (presumably - according to the colors)

The municipal sign of the city of
Givatayim (1963)

The Lighthouse

Aliya Cigarettes

The Ramat Gan - Givatayim Football club (1963)

The above label was made from the following photo:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Some old Palestine labels (Israel pre.1948) were added to my collection lately - 3 NUR Packet labels and some "Donag Or" sites in Israel.

 "Donag Or LTD" - "Jerusalem Matches": The "Sea Mosque"
of Tiberias 
the "Sea Mosque" of Tiberias 

 "Donag Or LTD" - "Jerusalem Matches": The Tomb of "Rachel
our matriarch", according to the Jewish tradition 
The above label was probably made from this old drawing of "Rachel our matriarch":

 "Donag Or LTD" - "Jerusalem Matches": The "Tower of David"
according to the Jewish tradition

The Patriotic Globed Elephant with the "Five colors flag" of old China in his trunk

The coward Monkey

My First Leehing Catfish

And find the differences...

...and this is my second Leehing:

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