Thursday, July 12, 2012

I call these lovely labels: Behind Bars Labels - guess why....

Tong foo tai is a chinese name - Thank you Chris

Two characters on this beautiful label says 'china' (thank you Chris)
but it was probably printed in Japan for the Chiese market

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another heartwarming story about an old man who collects Matchbooks

Bob Pitcher is a 80 years old man, and he collects Matchbooks for a half century...
A nice story from the Tampa Bay Times:  Bob Pitcher -  Matchbooks collector

Bob Pitcher keeps his collection of matchbooks from across the country in binders, tucked away on shelves in his Dunedin home. He has matchbooks from New York to Nevada. Why matchbooks? “Something to do,” he says. “What else can I do? I can’t jog. I can’t lift weights.”

His living room shelves sagged from the weight of the albums of the matchbooks — 100 albums or so, each containing about 600 matchbooks. Sixty thousand matchbooks out of the past.

I liked his words at the end of the article: "We collect for a lot of reasons. Perhaps collecting is a way to stay in touch with our youth. But maybe it's something more. A collection is proof that we were here."

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Japanese Circus labels

This is a scary training...

A packet label of kids playing in a Roundabout.
The kids, those days, were very strong...

Beautiful and rare Japanese labels found somewere over the rainbow...sorry over the....internet

Got this one in other colors!

I got this one in red and black


Aquarium fish are my second hobby, so I like Fish, and Fish's labels are my favorites

A Chinese Fisherman - I prefer a live Koi fish but what can I do...

Sea fish out near the Corals

A lovely Catfish

Three Koi fish

A mythological fish. It is absolutely not a shark
 ...And some more Fish's label examples from the collection of  kyoto yamamoto .
 (All rights reserved -Copyright © 2005 kyoto-yamamoto ).

More Swastika Japanese labels were added recently to my collection

The Turkish violinist (I love his red trousers... :) )

A wise Chinese man once told me that if I eat fish,
I'll lose my wings, so I never eat fish

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