Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This is an interesting ad form an Austrian newspaper with the names of the private Austrian manufactures of those old days that were incorporated into SOLO

I don't understand German (even that my blessed memory grand parents were born in Germany), so if somebody can translate this ad for me, I will thank him.

The ad includes the known Austrian private manufactures of those old days pre. WW1 that were incorporated into SOLO Match (Austria).

  • Adalbert Vojtech Scheinost
  • Bernard Fürth
  • K.K. Priv
  • Moritz Meissner


pauline said...

I could help with translating, although there is not much information in it.

In the Headline it just says »Solo«, Match- and Polish-Factory, and the Adress.

The Headline of the Block afterwards means: »Union of the Factories«

On the left of the key: »Exquisite Matches of all sort«. On the right: »Export to the whole world«

And in the bottom line: »Only selled by the imperial (Kais.) royal (Kön.) privileged (privilegirte) austrian country bank, product-divison (Address), match and igniters-section

Arnon Reisman said...

Thank you very much, Pauline.

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