Sunday, May 20, 2012

Collectors' websites

The Yecheal Biskovits Match Collection's website 

Yecheal has been collecting Japanese match box labels since 1997. He has a huge collection of Japanese trade mark match box labels, woodblock printed match labels, Japanese match safes, match holders, matchbook holders, and basically anything related to the Japanese match industry.

The Mission of  Dr. Utpal Sanyal, Ph.D.

Dr. Utpal is a collector from India who collects Stamps, Matchbox, Coins & Notes, Birds nest and Origami. Most of his collections are related to his mission: Fight against Cancer, Tobacco Use, AIDS and Encouraging Blood Donation.

The Matchbox Museum of Shakil Huq

Shakil is from from Bangladesh. He is an artist, amateur photographer and a collector of bank note, matchboxes, empty toothpaste packet and anything vintage.

The World Of Matchboxes, Matchbooks & Matchbox Labels of Manoj Sonalkar

Manoj is my first Facebook's friend. He is from Pune, Maharashtra, India. He is a collector of matchboxes, labels, skillets, matchbooks. He is also an amateur photographer that always  experiments with his camera.

Bob Jacobs Home Page

Bob is from The United Kingdom, and he has approximately 35,000 items (mostly matchbox labels) in his collection, which have been gathered over a period of 44 years from all parts of the world.

The Blog of Joel Gabriels

Joel is a collector from Belgium who collects Matchbox labels, Matchbox Holders, old Matchboxes, Postcards related to Phillumeny etc.

The website of Flemming Henningsen

Flemming is from Denmark. He has been collecting matchboxes and labels since childhood, back in the sixties. His collection now contains more than 100,000 different items from 123 countries.

The website of Bjorn Stenberg who collects some very old labels from Sweden (includes the AMAZING collection of very old wooden matchboxes of Mick Lilley)

The showcasephillumeny collections of Ratnadeep Mondal 

Ratnadeep collects Indian stuff. He and his father had actually started collecting matchboxes around late eighties. For around 12-15 years the album was tucked away in their store room and nothing substantial was added to our collection, but recently his interest has renewed and he is back on the streets on his Phillumenic journey.

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