Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vintage Handouts from Bars and Night clubs in Japan, Hong Kond and China, which were sent to me by Mr. Jerry Manley from California

Mr. Jerry Manley saw my name on the Internet regarding matches of Japan, and he sent me an email, says that: "I recently found a shoebox of match books/boxes that I had collected while in the Navy 60 years ago.  I went there several times from 1952-1956 and picked up a few each time even though I didn't smoke.

Also, there are a few old advertisement single page handouts that are included and both amusing and supposedly provocative.

I'm afraid that these are not in great condition but they are interesting both in the colors and the wording which was kind of semi-literate in those days.

if you would like them I would be happy to send them to any address you preferred.  I'm only sorry they still didn't have their newness and some hidden video of the times we had in those wild, wild days only 7 years after WW2."

I was very surprised receiving his mail, and said that I would be happy to have them, and willing to pay for the shipment to Israel.

Jerry's answer was: "don't worry about the postage as I'll take care of that.  I'm just sorry I had these secured away for 60 years and they've faded and have some peeling.  Some I just threw away because I felt they were unusable but none are perfect.  If you can't use them feel free to discard them and you won't hurt my feelings.

The funny thing about looking at the matches and the handouts is that I can remember about 50% of the bars. That shows you where my 17-21 year old mind took me.

I also bought a suit from the tailors of Hong-Kong that advertised in on one of the sheets back in about 1952-53 and it was beautiful. The problem was it didn't fit me so I discounted it to a buddy of mine and he was the one that was happy.  Good luck to you!"

Few days ago I received his parcel. I was so excited to open it, and to discover inside these wonderful Handouts, some American Pin-up bars lovely matchbooks, Matchbooks from Night-clubs in Mexico, and old wooden beautiful Matchboxes from Japan (that will be displayed on later post), all in a great condition!

I really don't know how to thank this amazing man....

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