Friday, October 7, 2011

Fireplace old matchbox 29cm long

VULCAN Fireplace Matches made is Sweden
The picture shows a work of Erik Dahlberg, a worrier and an artist - a panorama view of Stockholm in the 17th century


Anonymous said...

Hi Arnon,
I have a Vulcan Fireplace Matches Box about half full in good shape. Just like the box you have pictured. Are these worth anything to a collector. They are slowly being used to fire the stove? Thanks, SL

Arnon Reisman said...

Hi Anonymouse SL,
I am not sure I fully understood your question but, this lovely matchbox is worth to the collector who likes it like any other item that worth collecting. The fact that your matchbox includes matches does not make it much more valuable.
I can just recommend you to keep it to youself, cause it doesn't have too much value of sales or tenders.
Thanks for your comment.

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