Friday, September 2, 2011


Issue Date: 06/02/1936  
Various shots of Major Pat A'Beckett and his enormous collection of matchboxes. We first see him striking a match to light his cigarette, then looking closely at the matchbox cover.

He gets up from his chair and we see the walls are completely covered in matchbox covers! (Seems to be studio set.) He checks the walls to see if he has this cover already.

He then leafs through several large sheets of paper covered with matchbox covers. M/S of some covers with one showing King George V when he was the Prince of Wales. C/U of a cover showing Queen Victoria and others of the royal family. More C/Us of covers from all over the world.

Various shots of an elderly man, Charles Crampton, sitting at a table and sticking matchbox covers in a book. He has been collecting them as a hobby for 50 years.

He looks through the pages of the book. C/Us of several covers including one that shows how to light a cigar. Covers representing Austria, Norway, Abyssinia, Korea, Japan (propaganda artwork) and Russia are seen.

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