Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Some beautiful and very old Bernard Fürth's (and one ARTB label of Adalbert Scheinost) Austrian labels were added to my collection latly and I will be happy to show them to you out there

This one is very interesting one since it has the name of Bernard Fürth on it,
but it is probably from Sweden.
Label show 2 odd figures, Wajang maybe.

My small Fürth's Elephant collection. The blue long one and the big one
at the bottom, are for export to Italy.
The blue long one was used for wrapping old wooden matchbox.

These 3 labels are very colorful and well preserved for their age and were aimed to the Chinese market:

Very nice long label showing a Unicorn in some kind of a basket
 aimed to the Arabic market

Beautiful ARTB label made for the Croatian market

Another beautiful ARTB label - the Ship's drawing is the same as
the above label made for the Chinese market 

A Packet label made for the Greek market

A Packet label made for the Swedish market
The Smokers by Adalbert Vojtech Scheinost 

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