Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Many old Israeli matchbox labels were added to my collection lately...First: the c1960s Road safety labels


Care for a lamp and a light Reflector for your Bicycle
(Hebrew, Arabic and French)

Give a clear sign before stopping, slowing down or turning
(Hebrew, Arabic and French)

Take care for your Bicycle (Hebrew, Arabic and French)

Give the right of way at the intersection for the next car on the right

That's what happened to a careless cyclists

The road is not a playground - Do not play on the road

On a wet road - watch out on the round
(Hebrew, French and Yiddish)

Yiddish language

Yiddish (ייִדיש yidish or אידיש idish, literally "Jewish") is a High German language of Ashkenazi Jewish origin, spoken in many parts of the world. It developed as a fusion of different German dialects with adstrats of Hebrew, Aramaic and Slavic vocabulary and some traces of vocabulary from the Romance languages.[2][3] Yiddish orthography uses the Hebrew alphabet.

Learn the traffic laws prior to the occurrence of the accident
 (Hebrew, French and Yiddish)

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