Saturday, May 4, 2013

My new Leehing Catfish labels - A Dream come true

Today is a special day for me - I decided to come back and relive my blog after more than 2 month  of drought. At the beginning I was suffering from headaches, that finally left me after month and a half, and then I couldn't put my ass and start writing and uploading photos.
Since then, my collection has grown and developed. My friend Hilik has connected me to an English collector who sold me some nice Japanese labels. Among them you can find my favorites - a set of 7 beautiful Leehing & Co. Catfish Japanese labels, that for me is like a dream come true (and today I show it to the world, so this is also a reason that today is a special day).
This Japanese producer made a very unique and special labels that on all of them you can find a scary Catfish.
These 7 labels are not a full set (if it's can be called a set), as you can see in my previous post: http://arnon-reisman.blogspot.co.il/2012/06/unreachable-amazingly-beautiful-catfish.html

Enjoy it!

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