Sunday, May 5, 2013

Listen to a nice story....

On 26/11/2012 I received a mail from Morag Stuart from Ireland, who wrote to me that he is desperately looking for a digital image of a Japanese matchbox label he has fallen in love with!
He saw the image on my blog, entitled 'Old Japanese Labels - Ways of transportation' with the five men on a bicycle. It is the one entitled 'Best Matches'.

He was talking about this nice label of mine:

He said, that they are a family of five (three young children aged 7, 4 and 2) living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and love cycling and also toured Japan some years ago. So this image would be perfect for them to use in their new kitchen, for mounting behind glass as a cooker splash back and therefore need the best definition image he can get hold of.
He asked me if I have any idea of how he can achieve this rather far fetched dream!

Until the end of our first conversation I didn't understand what is cooker splashback, but I took my Canon SX30 and shoot a 14mp photo of the label, and sent it to him by mail.

On 14 Feb. 2013 I received a mail from Stuart, that finally they have their splash back in place in thier new kitchen! and it is looking great.
He thanked me for my help in making this project come to fruition, and added that it certainly is unique and a great talking point, that they love a lot! 

He attached to the mail some photos of the splashback, so now I finally know what is it all about.

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