Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More beautiful antique - more than 100 years ago - Bernard Furth labels

Down on the right you can see my label
The original box (All Rights Reserved to
MatchboxLabelsUK.co.uk and to Mick Lilley)

Austria has a special place in the hierarchy of label-issuing countries. The Austrian match industry was well under way by the 1850s and ever since has issued designs of great appeal, many of the series being minor works of art in themselves. There were many successful match-makers, Furth and Pojatzi being perhaps the most famous, and the competition for various overseas markets ensured that the Austrians strove continually to make their matchbox labels as attractive as possible to the customer.

The glazed series of Furth are sought after by the world's collectors. He and other manufacturers tended to show happy, pastoral scenes with girls dancing or fashionably-dressed ladies. The Austrian Solo match company absorbed most of these independent manufacturers as long ago as 1906, but it has continued to produce varied and attractive series, often of typically English scenes.


(All right reserved to Bob Jacobs http://www.ravjacobs.co.uk//)


Hey, there is a lost naked baby angel in this baloon...!!!
I think it's name B. Furth

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