Friday, March 2, 2012

Bernard Fürth's zundholzchen packet label made in Austria

This is an unused c1896 Bernard Fürth Zundholzchen Austrian Packet label

Original packet of matchboxes of Fürth's -
 all rights reserved to Mick Lilley

The history of the production of SOLO Sušice matches

October 31, 1839 - Vojtěch Scheinost is officially named match manufacturer by the city magistrate. This act by the city magistrate gave locals new ways of earning their livelihoods.

December 29, 1842 - The city magistrate grants Bernard Fürth the right to produce matches.

1843 - Bernard Fürth becomes the owner of the firm and Vojtěch Scheinost becomes manager and technical director.  The ambitious Bernard Fürth manages a branch in Zlata Koruna, which will be in operation until 1876.

June 19, 1844 - Bernard Fürth is given permission to build a factory along the road to Dobršín, at the present site of the SOLO SIRKÁRNA company. By December 9, 1844 the newly-completed factory was ready to host a ball attended by Catholic and Jewish residents. 

June 19, 1847 - Bernard Fürth is given permission to enlarge the factory with a new wing on the Hrádecká Street side of the building.

July 5, 1849 - Bernard Fürth is given permission to further expand the factory.

June 26, 1849 - Bernard Fürth dies ( born October 22, 1796 at Sušice).

1903 – The SOLO Match and Wax Factory Corporation is founded, with its headquarters at Vienna. This conglomerate includes the six largest match producers in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and both of the Sušice match factories are part of the company.

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