Saturday, December 3, 2011

New treasure from Sweden! Thanks to my Facebook's friend Peter, who sent me all theses old wooden matchboxes, and to Avraham from"Tapuz" Israeli forum of collectors who sent me the last matchbox

Södertelje Tändsticksfabrik (1871-1908)
The "RODA ROSEN" matchbox was made at Södertelje factory.
 The Södertelje labels are very beautiful and present in relatively large quantities.
 Flower and Boat motives dominate the label collection.
The most popular brands "The Red Rose" and "The Ship" are still used in labels.
In 1908 the factory in Södertelje closed

Jordbro Tändsticksfabrik (1924-1928)
The Jordbro match factory in Jönköping is the last privately
founded match factory of Sweden.  It was founded by a group in 1924.
The factory closed in 1928. Nevertheless it had a quite comprehensive sales.

AB Förenade Svenska Tändsticksfabriker (1913-1917)
The company AB Svenska Förenade Tändsticksfabriker  was founded in 1913 with Ivar Kreuger as the general manager. Later, by merging with the largest match company in Sweden, AB Jönköping-Vulcan, Svenska Tändsticks AB was founded in 1917.

Jönköpings Westra Tändsticksfabrik (1881-1971)
 The box on the top
Thanks to Avraham from "Tapuz" Israeli forum
of collectors, who sent me this lovely matchbox

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