Thursday, August 18, 2011

Matchbox Labels Collection Showcases China's Development - A story of a collector from China

Li Weiqin and his great collection of prints of matchbox labels. (Guangzhou Daily)
Like a unique and colorful history book, the matchbox labels collection of Li Weiqin documents over 100 years of development in China, from the Qing Dynasty (1616 - 1911) to modern times.

Now retired, 61-year-old Li began his collection at the age of 9. He currently owns more than 800,000 different kinds of prints of matchbox cover collected predominantly in China, but also from 140 other countries.

Li intends to share his collection with the public. In cooperation with the Ling'nan Art Publishing House, it will be the country's first Special Matchbox Exhibition, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Republic founded in 1949.

Matchbox Labels Collection - Link to the story

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