Monday, June 6, 2011

And now some lovely matchboxes from Australia - Federal, Redheads and Australian

Redheads, the dominant brand in Australia, is an example of a brand that has changed its design relatively frequently throughout its product life. While the overall concept has remained the same, the design has varied
considerably, so much so that design changes have become an accepted, and expected, part of the brand’s personality. Amateur artists in Australia compete to produce the next Redheads design and significant P.R. activity results from these competitions.
Bryant & May first produced Redheads in Australia in 1946. The name is derived from the colour of the striking head on the match and from the outset, the brand identity was represented by an illustration of a woman with vivid red hair.

Vasco de Gama in India,  from the 1968 REDHEADS  Explorers series

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